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Corilam Fabricating Co.

We Believe in Ourselves and
in Our Fellow Workers.
We Believe in Our Factory and its Products,
Their Good Name is Our Good Name.

Design – Engineer – Fabricate – Deliver

Corilam Fabricating Co., Inc. is a North Carolina Small Business Furniture and Contract Manufacturer. Corilam is a leader in the Educational and HealthCare markets with a history of excellence since 1975. Our 40+ years of experience ensures you receive quality products from our extensive standard lines, and those with personalized specifications tailored to your specific projects.
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Why Corilam?

CFC Contract is dedicated to staying at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Exceptional quality and service demand the latest in equipment and technology and we constantly update both. Integrated computer design and production allows us to meet your most demanding requirements.

6 Reasons to Purchase Corilam Products

Furnishing Solutions

For over four decades, CFC Contract has been committed to the production of high quality laminate products. Using industry leading equipment, Corilam integrates the most modern software with our plant machinery and 65,000 square foot production facility to provide precision components down to the finest detail.
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